St Allen, St Alleyne

Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Lavers & Barraud?
Main subject
2a. Decorated quarries 2b, 2c. Christ saves Peter from drowning 2d. Decorated quarries
1a. Anchor 1b, 1c. Arms of Lanyon 1d. Anchor
Tracery subject
A1. Dove of the Holy Spirit
A2. Agnus Dei
B1. Symbol of the Trinity—three interlocked circles
Subject type
Henrietta Lanyon, daughter of dedicatees
  1. Henry Lanyon, RN, died
  2. Isabella Lanyon died
  1. Insertion=last deathdate.
  2. Mentioned in Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
  3. * Distinctive inscription style, same as window 3, very much L&B in style.

In caram memoriam Henrici Lanyon RN obiit et Isabella Lanyon obiit a filia sua Henrietta Lanyon (To the dear memory of Henry Lanyon RN who died and Isabella Lanyon who died from their daughter Henrietta Lanyon).

b, c. Christ saves Peter from drowning.