Sancreed, St Sancredus

e1. Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Townshend, Caroline & Howson, Joan
Main subject
  1. Shepherd above daffodil farmer above St Euny finding his lost belt on a fox, with Celtic cross at Marooney (also spelt Mertharuny or Mertheruny)
  2. Miraculous draught of fishes above Adoration of the shepherds and Magi
  3. Sower above miner above St Euny restoring sight of lame child
Tracery subject
Truro Diocesan arms : St Columb, St Austell, St Mawnan and St Credan, images of birds, sun, moon,sky and sea.
Mrs Mary Williams, née Bolitho, of Trewidden, daughter of dedicatees, wife of Charles Williams
  1. Thomas Bedford Bolitho died
  2. Frances Jane Bolitho, née Carus-Wilson, third daughter of Edward Carus-Wilson of Penmount, Truro, wife of Thomas Bolitho, died
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  5. Study of the window by Andrew Loutit

To the glory of God and in memory of Thomas Bedford Bolitho Frances Jane Bolitho

Photograph copyright © Revd Ann Butcher.

Centre: the miraculous draught of fishes.

Photograph copyright © Revd Ann Butcher.

He setteth his mind to finish his work (Ecclesiasticus 38:28).

Left-hand side.

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In the handiwork of their craft is their prayer (Ecclesiasticus 38:34).

Right-hand side.

Photograph copyright © Revd Ann Butcher.