Porthilly, St Michael

Chapel east

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Main subject
a. St George
b. St Hubert
Lizzie Nicholls Short, widow of dedicatee
George Offspring Blackall Short, died aged 69
  1. Death of dedicatee, Western Morning News p 1
  2. Truro Diocesan Faculty Petition, , D/R/7/37. Truro Diocesan Faculty, - “St. Minver (St. Michael, Rock)”.

To the Glory of God in memory of my husband George OB Short died Aged 69

Photograph copyright © John Evans.

S George

a. St George wearing armour, with his left hand resting on a shield and holding in his right hand a staff with the flag of St George

Photograph copyright © John Evans.

S Hubert

b. St Hubert vested as a bishop (he was the bishop of Maastricht and then Liège). In his left hand he holds a crozier and in his right hand a book. Beside him is a symbol of St Hubert, a stag with a representation of the Crucifixion between its antlers (as shown in the painting Die Befehrung des heiligen Hubertus by Wilhelm Raüber, reproduced in Eduard Engels Hausbuch deutscher Kunst, p 355)

Photograph copyright © John Evans.