Par Green, Church of the Good Shepherd

Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Stephens, Revd Francis
Main subject
3b. EH Sedding presenting church plan to Bishop Gott 3c. Christ enthroned 3d. Archbishop Benson
2a. Revd GR Prynne celebrating mass 2b. Laying of Foundation Stone 2c. Christ as the Good Shepherd 2d. Bishop Benson and Truro Cathedral 2e. Canterbury choir
1a. Bishop Walter Frere 1b. Arms of Diocese of Truro 1c. Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep” 1d. Arms of Diocese of Canterbury 1e. The Boy Bishop
interspersed with Evangelists’ symbols, Dove of the Holy Spirit, Agnus Dei, monograms and other symbols
  1. Subjects from CG.
  2. BSMGP Dir. 1955.

Whole window

2d. Bishop Benson with Truro Cathedral in the background