Budock, St Budock

n8. North aisle 3

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
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Main subject
3a. Scallop over emblem of St Andrew 3b. IHS symbol over emblem of Missions to Seamen over emblem of St Peter 3c. Scallop over emblem of St Paul
2a. Calling of Peter and Andrew by Christ 2b. Christ saves Peter from drowning 2c. The shipwreck on the coast of Malta (Melita)—story of Paul
1a. Fish in net 1b. Bible 1c. Anchor
Tracery subject
Earlier painted arms:
A1. Bowes and Mary Fenwick (Fenwick impaled with Hornby)
A2. Lt Col William and Harriet Fenwick (Fenwick)
Subject type
  1. Bowes Fenwick, surgeon, of Westgate Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, son of William Fenwick of Earsdon, Northumberland, died
  2. Lt Col William Fenwick, KCB, youngest son of William Fenwick of Earsdon, Northumberland, Lieutenant-Governor of Pendennis Castle , died
  3. Mary Fenwick, youngest daughter of Alderman Hugh Hornby of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, wife of Bowes Fenwick, died at Wodehouse Cottage, Falmouth
  4. Harriet Fenwick, née Woodward, wife of Lt Col William Fenwick, died
  5. Revd Charles Adolphus Walker, chaplain of the Missions to Seamen at the port of Falmouth, died ,
  6. Emily Eliza Walker, wife of Revd CA Walker, died 1925 (GRO).
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  7. Truro Diocesan Faculty petition , D/R/3/14. No plans or details of maker included in petition
  8. Genealogy of Fenwick and also History of Northumberland p 12.

To the glory of God and in loving memory of Charles Adolphus Walker called to rest Chaplain to the Missions to Seamen for 32 years at the port of Falmouth and Emily Eliza his wife

In memory of Bowes Fenwick and Mary his wife

In memory of William Fenwick and Harriet his wife

A1. Arms of Fenwick impaled with Hornby. The arms of Fenwick of Northumberland are per fesse gules and argent six martlets counterchanged The crest of Fenwick is a phoenix in flames proper gorged with a mural crown. The motto of Fenwick is Perit ut vivat (He dies that he may live). (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 346. , London, Harrison & Sons). The inscription Perit et vivat in the window is incorrect. The arms of Hornby of Newcastle-upon-Tyne are argent on a fesse between three buglehorns sable stringed gules as many fleurs-de-lis of the field (Burke , op. cit., p 507).

A2. Arms, crest and (misspelt) motto of Fenwick.

We have found the Christ. (John 1:41) .

3a. Scallop above emblem of St Andrew

2a. St Andrew on the sea shore with a fishing pot at his feet

1a. A fish in a net

3b. IHS symbol above emblem of the Missions to Seamen above the emblem of St Peter

2b. Christ saves Peter from drowning

MARAN ATHA (‘Come Lord’ or ‘Our Lord has come’).

The word on the waters

1b. The bible

Thrice I suffered shipwreck (Ⅱ Corinthians 11:25) .

3c. Scallop over emblem of St Paul.

2c. St Paul shipwrecked kindling fire. A Roman soldier in the distance (bottom left)?

1c. An anchor.