Newquay, St Michael

e1. Chancel east

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Comper, Ninian
Main subject
  1. Raphael as healer, with medieval boy and fish in net
  2. Michael as warrior
  3. Christus Consolator
  4. Gabriel as messenger
  5. Uriel as Light Bearer
(descriptions from CG)
Tracery subject
BVM and child, two angels, sun and moon, four seraphim. Across the heads of the main lights, pairs of Powers, Dominions, Thrones, Virtues and Princedoms
Public subscription
  1. William Bullen, JP, died
  2. Revd Hugh Flynn, died ,
  3. His wife Mary Ann Flynn
  4. Bishop Charles William Stubbs, died (inscription in window gives ),
  5. James Veale Bice, died
  6. His wife Sophie Bice, died
  1. Appointment of Revd Hugh John Flynn, DD, as Public Preacher, Cornishman p 3
  2. Death of Bishop Stubbs, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 2
  3. TDM 1913 : 199, launch of subscription for east window costing £450 on subject of Risen Christ, dedicatee Bishop Stubbs.
  4. Design of window approved. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (not in BNA). Of the Bishop in the picture will be a portrait, and he is represented, wearing the 14th century cope of Ely Cathedral and holding the pastoral staff. This design was obviously not used.
  5. Funeral of Revd HJ Flynn . Western Morning News p 5
  6. Death of Revd HJ Flynn, Cornishman p 4
  7. Death of James Veale Bice, Cornishman p 4
  8. Faculty petition , D/R/4/30. Granted ?
  9. Death of William Bullen, Western Morning News p 1
  10. Death of Sophie Bice, Cornishman p 4
  11. Maker’s marks and dates (1927 and 1930).
  12. Bucknall 2006.

In memory of William Bullen, J.P. Warden of this Parish

In memory of Hugh John Flynn, priest, and Mary Ann his wife. Dedicated by their children

In memory of Charles William Stubbs D.D. Bishop of Truro to . A kind shepherd and father in God

In memory of James Veale Bice and of Sophie his wife also parishioners

Tracery top centre (BVM and Infant Jesus)

Tracery second row, left-hand end: Potestates, Dominationes

Tracery second row centre: Thrones

Tracery second row, right-hand end: Virtutes, ?

Sanctus Raphael Archangel. Sanctus Michael.

Main scenes, lights 1 and 2.

Christus Consolator.

Main scene, light 3.

Sanctus Gabriel. Uriel lux ? Archangel.

Main scene, lights 4 and 5.

First maker’s mark, (strawberries) and date (1927), in the bottom right-hand corner of the fourth light.

Second maker’s mark, (strawberries) and date (1930), in the bottom right-hand corner of the right-hand light.

Inscription at bottom of left-hand light Inscription at bottom of second light Inscription at bottom of third light Inscription at bottom of fourth light Inscription at bottom of right-hand light

Inscription at the bottom of the lights. Charles Stubbs was Bishop of Truro from until his death in .