Newquay, St Michael

South Chapel south 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Hardman, John
Main subject
Annunciation by Gabriel to Zacharias in the Temple at the time of offering of incense.
Ingeborg, Lady Molesworth St Aubyn, second wife of dedicatee
Revd Sir St Aubyn Hender Molesworth St Aubyn of Clowance and Pencarrow 12th Baronet, died .
  1. Marriage of Revd Sir St Aubyn Hender Molesworth St Aubyn and Ingeborg Alfhild Muller, eldest daughter of Johan Viggo Sigvald Muller of Beaucliffe House, Newquay, , Cornishman p 7
  2. Death of dedicatee, Cornishman p 4
  3. The donor of this window, being one of the daughters of JVS Muller, was also one of the donors of the adjacent window South chapel south 2, which was inserted at the same time.
  4. Truro Diocesan Faculty 11/5/14 - cost £120.
  5. TDM 1914 : 257 - “designs by Dunstan J. Powell”. Dunstan Powell was chief designer at the John Hardman studio.
  6. Maker’s mark.
  7. Designer, insertion, subjects, donors, Western Morning News p 4
  8. TDC 1915 : 263 - see Truro Diocesan Faculty & TDC notes for the complete didactic scheme for the whole church.
  9. Manufacturer from BSMGP Dir. 1930.

To the Glory of God & in loving memory of the Revd·SIR ST AUBYN HENDER MOLESWORTH-StAUBYN of Clowance & Pencarrow 12th Baronet dedicated in by his widow

Main scenes

Inscription in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Maker’s mark in the bottom left-hand corner of the right-hand light.