Newlyn, St Peter

Chancel south 2

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Chater & Son, St Dunstan’s Hill, London
Main subject
St Chad of Lichfield
HC Richards, KC, MP
Alfred Northey Harvey, born , died , fourth son of Sir Robert Harvey, ex-High Sheriff of Cornwall.
  1. Window designed by WG Rich of Ealing inserted (donors Robert and Alida Harvey) in St Andrew, Harberton, in memory of Robert Godefroy (“Tito”) Harvey, eldest son of donor, older brother of dedicatee, born , died , (death, Totnes Weekly Times p 5, funeral, Cornishman p 8), Totnes Weekly Times p 8, Western Morning News p 5.
  2. Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 163 (). Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/11, D/E/4/6, TCM/1257/4): Dedication of Two Windows in S. Wall of Chancel filled with stained glass, the gift of H.C. Richards, Esq, K.C., M.P. - one of two windows, the other being Chancel south 1.
  3. Insertion, subject, maker, donor, dedicatee, Cornish Telegraph p 3, Cornishman p 2, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4. All three reports state incorrectly that the dedicatee of the St Chad window is Cyril Perkins, not Alfred Northey Harvey.
  4. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4 mentions incorrectly two [windows] in the chancel to the memory of Cyril Perkins.
  5. Unlike St Hugh in Chancel south 1, the figure of St Chad does not have any clearly identifiable attributes.
  6. One window by Clayton & Bell in memory of Alfred Northey Harvey and one by Chater & Son, London, in memory of Alida Maria, Lady Harvey, née Godefroy, wife of Robert and mother of Alfred, died , inserted in north side of St Andrew, Harberton, by Sir Robert Harvey (father and widower respectively) Western Times p 3.