Newlyn, St Peter


Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
WG Rich, of London and Bridport
Main subject
2a. Henry Philpotts [sic], Bishop of Exeter 2b. William [sic] White Benson first Bishop of Truro then Archbishop of Canterbury 2c. Frederick Temple, Bishop of Exeter then Archbishop of Canterbury 2d. Revd Frederick Field-Richards
1a. Arms of Diocese of Exeter 1b. Arms of Diocese of Canterbury 1c. Arms of Diocese of London 1d. Unidentified symbol / arms
Tracery subject
Truro and Canterbury Diocesan arms
Subject type
Figurative historical
HC Richards, KC, MP for Finsbury E, brother of dedicatee
Revd Frederick Field-Richards, former lay preacher and curate died
  1. Death of dedicatee, Cornishman p 5.
  2. To be inserted early in the new year Cornishman p 4.
  3. Insertion, donor, subjects Coventry Evening Telegraph p 4.
  4. Maker, donor, insertion Brighton Gazette p 7, Sussex Agricultural Express p 4, Sussex Agricultural Express p 7.
  5. Insertion, donor Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4. To commemorate the fifty-third anniversary of donor’s parents’ wedding.
  6. Unveiled on , Cornishman p 4.
  7. Surname of subject of left-hand light should be Phillpotts, not Philpotts
  8. Name of first bishop of Truro, then Archbishop of Canterbury, was Edward White Benson, not William White Benson
  9. Referred to in Cornishman p 5 in connection with unveiling of south aisle west given by same donor.
  10. Mentioned in Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4. Confused and inaccurate article!
  11. Completely hidden by organ since addition of organ loft in late 1930s by Revd Allan Wyon, vicar (Church guide).

Henry Philpotts [sic] Bishop of Exeter consecrated deceased

2a. Henry Phillpotts vested as bishop of Exeter

1a. Arms of Diocese of Exeter

William [sic] White Benson first Bishop of Truro consecrated Translated Canterbury Ob

2b. Edward Benson vested as Archbishop of Canterbury

1b. Arms of Diocese of Canterbury

Frederick Temple Bishop of Exeter consecrated Translated London Primate of England

2c. Frederick Temple vested as Archbishop of Canterbury. He died , after the insertion of the window

1c. Arms of Diocese of London

Frederick Field Richards Priest born ob Maundy Thursday at Newlyn

2d. Frederick Field Richards

1d. The symbol on the shield, a seated figure wearing a bishop’s mitre with a sword across his mouth may be a reference to the depiction of Christ in Revelation 19:15, or the arms of the Diocese of Chichester, which are similar to this. The dedicatee was ordained deacon by the bishop of Chichester.