Morwenstow, St John the Baptist

South aisle 2

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Lavers, Barraud & Westlake
Main subject
  1. Shield of David, lych gate, Revd Hawker at St John’s Well, Morwenstow church interior, St Morwenna.
  2. Morwenstow Cornish cross, Morwenstow font, chancel fresco, John the Baptist.
  3. Manning tomb, Morwenstow piscina, Baptism of Christ, execution of John the Baptist.
  4. Pentacle of Solomon, figurehead of the Caledonia, well of St Morwenna, Morwenstow church exterior, St Nectan.
Tracery subject
AD 1904, the date of insertion.
Public subscription
Revd Robert Stephen Hawker, former vicar
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  2. Raising funds for Hawker memorial window Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
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