Menheniot, St Lalluwy

n8. North aisle 3

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Percy Bacon Bros, designed by GH Fellowes Prynne
Main subject
2a. Sir Galahad 2b. King Arthur 2c. Sir Percival
1a. Sir Galahad and the vision of the Holy Grail 1b. King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table 1c. Sir Percival on horseback
Tracery subject
A1. Red rose
A2. Arms and crest of Leverton
A3. Angel playing cymbals.
A4. Angel playing cymbals
A5. Regimental badge of the DCLI
A6. Red rose
Subject type
Figurative historical
  1. Revd Edward Spry Leverton, vicar of Menheniot, father of dedicatee
  2. Jane Florence Leverton, mother of dedicatee
Capt Leslie Spry Leverton, MC, late captain, 5th DCLI, younger son of Revd ES Leverton, vicar of Menheniot, died at Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia.
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  2. Insertion, subjects, Cornish Guardian p 12.
  3. Truro Diocesan Faculty (after insertion!). Designer GH Fellowes Prynne.
  4. Manufacturer from Some stained glass windows executed within the past twenty years , p 8. London, The British Society of Master Glass Painters, .
  5. Image of window.

A.M.D.G. and to the loved memory of Leslie Spry Leverton, M.C., Captain 5th D.C.L.I., who died at Livingstone N. Rhodesia on aged 30 years, this window was placed here by his parents Edward Spry and Jane Florence Leverton.