Maryfield, St Philip and St James

n4. North transept north 2

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Clayton & Bell
Main subject
Acts of Mercy :- Stranger above Thirsty above Hungry : Tabitha above Peter healing above Dorcas : Prisoner above sick above naked
Tracery subject
Trefoils with photographic likeness of dedicatee
Caroline Anne Pole-Carew, née Lyttelton, daughter of William Henry, 1st Baron Lyttelton, wife of Sir Reginald Pole-Carew, MP, mother of William Henry Pole-Carew, died .
  1. Death of dedicatee Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 2.
  2. Manufacturer=CG.
  3. Insertion=date of licensing of church.
  4. Caroline Pole-Carew was also one of the dedicatees of Antony, Chancel east.
  5. A portrait of Caroline Anne Pole Carew is on the first floor of Antony House.
  6. MG Swift Maryfield St Philip and St James: its stained glass and the Gothic revival.

n4. Acts of mercy or charity

n4 tracery above left-hand light. Photographic likeness of dedicatee.

n4 tracery above right-hand light. Photographic likeness of dedicatee.

I was a stranger Matthew 25:35).

n4 3a. Welcoming strangers

I was thirsty (Matthew 25:35).

n4 2a. Giving drink to the thirsty

I was an hungred (Matthew 25:35).

n4 1a. Giving food to the hungry.

Tabitha (Acts 9:40–41).

n4 3b. Based on its position and inscription, this should be the last (going from bottom to top) in the sequence of three scenes in the centre light showing Peter raising Tabitha/Dorcas from the dead, but there are various inconsistencies with the preceding two scenes below it. The figure of Peter is here a younger man with long brown hair, is clothed differently and has a different nimbus. The design of the bed is different from that in n4 2b and the floorboards run in a different direction. The scene could be from the story of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead, in Mark 5:41.

Peter prayed (Acts 9:40).

n4 2b. Peter prays for Tabitha beside her dead body.

n4 1b. The weeping and sorrowful widows show Peter the clothes that Tabitha (Dorcas) had made (Acts 9:39).

I was in prison Matthew 25:36).

n4 3c. Visiting the prisoner.

I was sick (Matthew 25:36).

n4 2c. Visiting the sick.

I was naked (Matthew 25:36).

n4 1c. Clothing the naked.