Lelant, St Uny

South aisle 2

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Listed in the Imperial War Museum’s Register of War Memorials, reference 26311.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Not known
Main subject
2a. Arms of Duchy of Cornwall 2b. Royal arms 2c. Arms of Diocese of Truro
1a. Names of the fallen on floral diaper 1b. St George slays the dragon. 1c. Names of the fallen on floral diaper
Men of the parish who lost their lives in World War Ⅰ.
  1. War memorial window to be placed in church Cornishman p 7.
  2. D/R/86/1–2, drawing dated .
  3. Dedicated Cornishman p 3.

In thanks to God and in memory of the Lelant men who gave their lives in the Great War . R.I.P.

James Matthew Trewhella Charles Gordon Steer
William Thomas Martin Andreas Henry Nielsen
William Stuart Gilbart James Ellery Phillips
Ernest Albert Firstbrook

First World War memorial. The central figure, below the royal coat of arms, is St George in armour slaying the dragon with his spear. At the top of the left-hand light are the arms of the Duchy of Cornwall, and at the top of the right-hand light the arms of the Diocese of Truro. The names of the men who died are written on the scrolls in the left- and right-hand lights.

b detail. The dragon being slain by St George.