Launceston, St Mary Magdalene

s8. South aisle 3

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Not known
Main subject
Presentation in the temple
Tracery subject
B1. Moses
A1. Isaac
A2. Abraham
Subject type
John King Lethbridge, son of Christopher Lethbridge
  1. Mary Lethbridge, née Copland, wife of Christopher Lethbridge, died aged 66
  2. Christopher Lethbridge, deputy Recorder of Launceston, died aged 69
  3. Lt Gen Robert Lethbridge, brother of C. Lethbridge, Esq. died aged 71
  4. Revd Charles Lethbridge, rector of Stoke Climsland and St Thomas-by-Launceston, died aged 77
  1. Death of Mary Lethbridge, Exeter Flying Post p 4 (gives age as 76)
  2. Death of Christopher Lethbridge, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 3 (gives age as 73)
  3. Death of Lt Gen Robert Lethbridge, Hampshire Chronicle p 1
  4. Death of Revd Charles Lethbridge, North Devon Journal p 3
  5. J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol III p 71. William Lake, Truro, gives position as North Aisle.
  6. Western Morning News p 2 Royal Cornwall Gazette p 7, Launceston Weekly News p 8. Similar article in all three papers, which states Since the restoration of this church in , six memorial windows have been put in by the families of Thorne [ South aisle 1 ], Rowe [ North aisle east ], Cudlipp [ South Chapel east ], Spettigue [ Chancel east ], Lethbridge [ South aisle 3 ], and Ching [ South aisle 4 ]
  7. The window has been pickled, i.e., the area around the main figures has been replaced with clear, colourless glass, to let more light into the building.

Christopher Lethbridge gent died aged 69 Mary his wife whose maiden name was Copland died aged 66

Lieut General Robert Lethbridge died aged 71

The Revnd Charles Lethbridge died aged 77

This window is erected to their memory by John King Lethbridge the eldest son of the above named Christopher Lethbridge

Tracery. The figures shown are B1 Moses, holding the tablets containing the Ten Commandments; A1 Isaac, carrying a bundle of firewood with which he was to be sacrificed; A2 Abraham, holding the knife with which he was going to kill Isaac, and a censer, symbolising the burnt offering.

The Presentation in the temple (Luke 2:22–39). The figures shown are a Joseph; b Mary; c Simeon, holding the infant Jesus; d Anna the prophetess.

The arms of Lethbridge of Sandhill Park, Somerset, are argent over water proper a bridge of five arches turreted gules in chief an eagle displayed sable (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 603. , London, Harrison & Sons).