Thomas Phillpotts

aged 83
John Phillpotts
Sarah Chandler
  1. Mary Emma Penelope Hughes,
    1. Georgiana Sophia Phillpotts, b c 
    2. Mary Charlotte Phillpotts, b
    3. Emma Penelope Phillpotts, b c 
    4. Alice Maud Phillpotts, b
    5. John Hughes Phillpotts, b , d
  2. Mary Elizabeth Paul,
Arms of Phillpotts
Arms of Phillpotts
Gules, a cross argent between four swords erect of the last, pommels and hilts or.
Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 800. , London, Harrison & Sons.
Sword from Yorick.
Pedigree of Phillpotts
Feock, St Feoca
  1. North transept west, , three lights, Decorative crown and coloured borders.
  1. Admitted to King’s College, Cambridge, . Only son of John Phillpotts, MP, of Porthgwidden, Cornwall ACAD, PHLS825T. Gives date of birth (at Gloucester), death (at St Feock), details of father of first wife.
  2. Marriage at St Matthew’s, Brixton, Surrey, of the Revd Thomas Phillpotts, Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, only son of John Phillpotts, MP, and Mary Emma Penelope Hughes, only daughter of the late Ulysses Hughes, of Grovesend, Glamorganshire, Bristol Mirror p 2, Worcester Herald p 3, Hereford Journal p 3.
  3. Appointed to Vicarage of Gwennap, Gloucestershire Chronicle p 4.
  4. Marriage at Warthill, York, of the Revd Canon Phillpotts, of Porthgwidden, and Mary Elizabeth Webber, widow of the late Capt F Webber of the 45th Regiment, Cornish Echo and Falmouth & Penryn Times p 5, Pall Mall Gazette p 5, Western Times p 2, Cornishman p 7.
  5. Chancel of Devoran church is a memorial to the parents of the Revd Thomas Phillpotts and his wife Mary Emma Penelope Hughes, Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 739 (brass gives dates of death of parents; ) Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 857, Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 1082, Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 85, Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 87, Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 96
  6. Burial at Feock, residence Porthgwidden Cornwall OPC Burials. Gives date of burial as , not consistent with reports in RCG, CEFPT.
  7. Obituary and funeral. Lists those present. State that death was on Saturday , funeral took place on Monday . Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (notice) Cornish Echo and Falmouth & Penryn Times p 4.