William Grylls

aged 76
Richard Gerveys Grylls
Charity Hill
  1. [Unknown]
    1. Thomas Henry Stephens, b , d
Arms of Grylls of Helston
Arms of Grylls of Helston
Or, three bendlets enhanced gules
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Pedigree of Grylls of Helston
  1. Baptism at Helston, son of Richard Gerveys Grylls and Charity Grylls, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Gives date of birth.
  2. Admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge, aged 18. Second son of the Revd Richard Gerveys Grylls of Helston, Cornwall. ACAD, GRLS804W. Gives dates of birth and death. Stated that he died s.p. sine prole (without children) , but had a son.
  3. Death, residence Polsloe House, near Exeter, Devon Royal Cornwall Gazette p 8, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 5 (both contain family details).
  4. Library donated to Trinity College, Cambridge, William Grylls and the Grylls Collection.
  5. Not married. William Grylls and the Grylls Collection.