Richard Gerveys Grylls

  1. Cordelia Glynn,
    1. Richard Gerveys Grylls, b c , d
    2. Thomas Grylls, b c 
    3. Cordelia Grylls, b c 
    4. Ann Grylls, b c , d c 
    5. Mathew Grylls, b c , d
    6. Sarah Grylls, b c , d
    7. Anne Grylls, b , d
Arms of Grylls of Helston
Arms of Grylls of Helston
Or, three bendlets enhanced gules
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Pedigree of Grylls of Helston
  1. Baptism at Lanreath, son of the Revd Richard Grylls, rector of Lanreath, and Anne Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Father’s surname given as Gryles, son’s second forename given as Geyrveys.
  2. Burial at Helston Cornwall OPC Burials.
  3. Marriage at Helston of Richard Gerveys Grylls and Cordelia Glynn. Groom’s first forename given as Richards in one transcript. Cornwall OPC Marriages.
  4. Dates of baptism, death and burial from Vivian, JL (ed). The Visitations of Cornwall. p 200. , Exeter, William Pollard & Co.