Henry Moore Picken

aged 83
Samuel Picken
Mary Jane Slyman
  1. Mabel Marion Winter
    1. Ronald Baynton Picken, b , d
    2. Henry Woodley Picken, b , d
    3. Marion Valerie Hazel Picken, b
  2. Evelyn Mary Bowdler,
St Martin-by-Looe, St Keyne and St Martin
  1. Nave north 1, , three lights, Christ presents a crown to the dedicatees. Longinus stands nearby. Cap badge of Royal Air Force officer.
  1. Birth of Henry Moore Picken (mother’s maiden name Slyman), registered in Jul–Sep , Plymouth district, vol 5b, p 251. GRO, FreeBMD.
  2. Marriage registered in fourth quarter, Marylebone district, of Henry M Picken, FreeBMD, and Evelyn M Bowdler FreeBMD.
  3. Death, residence 45 Kensington Mansions, London SW5, Kensington Post p 8, Marylebone Mercury p 8, Death of Henry Moore Picken, aged 83, registered in Jul–Sep , Kensington district, vol 5c, p 773. GRO FreeBMD.