Jane Betenson

  1. Daniel Slyman,
    1. Mary Jane Slyman, b c 
    2. William Daniel Slyman, b c 
    3. Woodley Cole Slyman, b c 
    4. Roger Henwood Slyman, b c 
    5. Henry John Simon Slyman, b
  1. Marriage at St Germans of Daniel Slyman of Menheniot and Jane Betenson, eldest daughter of William Betenson, of Catchfrench. Cornwall OPC Marriages (bride given as Jenny Bettensen), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 2, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 2, Sherborne Mercury p 4 (all three notices give groom’s surname as Symons, no forenames, bride surname Betenson).
  2. Will of William Betenson of St Germans refers to my daughter Jane Slyman..