Robert Smith

aged 76
  1. Elizabeth Dyer,
    1. William Smith, b , d
    2. Mary Smith, b
    3. Robert Smith, b , d
    4. John Smith, b , d
Pedigree of Smith
St Stephen-by-Saltash, St Stephen
  1. North aisle 1, , four lights,
    a. , Noah
    b. Abraham and Isaac climb the mountain
    c. Moses and the brazen serpent
  1. Marriage at St Stephens by Saltash of Robert Smith, youngest son of the late W Smith of Trematon, and Elizabeth Dyer, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Dyer, of the same parish. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5, Penzance Gazette p 4.
  2. Robert Smith, 35, his wife Elizabeth Smith, 33, and son William Smith, 4 months, living at Burrel Farm, St Stephens, census, HO107/1900 (Part 1). Folio 422 p 18.
  3. Robert Smith, 45, his wife Elizabeth Smith, 43, son William Smith, 10, daughter Mary Smith, 8, son Robert Smith, 6, living at Burrel House, St Stephens, census, RG9/1525 (Part 4). Folio 155b p 17.
  4. Robert Smith, 55, his wife Elizabeth Smith, 54, son William Smith, 20, daughter Mary Smith, 18, son John Smith, 9, living at Burrel House, St Stephens, census, RG10/2232 (Part 3). Folio 91 p 17.
  5. Robert Smith, 65, widower, son William Smith, 30, daughter Mary Smith, 28, son Robert Smith, 26, son John Smith, 19, living at Burrel House, St Stephens, census, RG11/2282 (Part 3). Folio 166 p 22.
  6. Robert Smith, 75, widower, daughter Mary Smith, 35, son Robert Smith, 33, widower, son John Smith, 28, living at Burrell, St Stephens, census, RG12/1808 (Part 4). Folio 143 p 7.
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