Ellen Harvey Farquharson

aged 82
  1. Eldred Wilks Banfield,
    1. Stanley Gluyas Banfield, b c 
    2. Violet Farquharson Banfield, b c 
    3. Nora Farquharson Banfield, b c 
    4. Blanche Gluyas Banfield, b c 
    5. Alexander Farquharson Banfield, b c 
    6. Ralph Gluyas Banfield, b c 
    7. William Farquharson Banfield, b
    8. Eldred Cole Banfield, b , d
    9. Cyril Barnet Banfield, b c , d
    10. John Farquharson Banfield, b c 
Isles of Scilly: Hughtown, St Mary
  1. North aisle 1, , single light, St George (FH)
  2. North aisle 2, , single light, The Archangel Michael (FA)
  1. Birth of Ellen Harvey Fargusan (mother’s maiden name Farguharson), registered in Jul–Sep , Penzance district, vol 5c, p 318. GRO, FreeBMD. GRO record gives surname Fargusan, mother’s surname Farguharson!
  2. Baptism at Madron, Penzance Chapelry, daughter of William Farquharson, naval officer, and Elizabeth Jane Banfield Farquharson of Stoke, Devonport, sojourning at Penzance. Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  3. Marriage at St Mary’s, Penzance, of Eldred Wilks Banfield of Holy Vale, Isles of Scilly, and Ellen Harvey Farquharson of Morrab Place, Penzance, daughter of the late William Farquharson, RN. Cornwall OPC Marriages, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  4. Death, residence West Trevarth, Lanner, near Redruth, formerly Holy Vale, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly. Western Morning News p 1. States funeral taking place today, which implies , not consistent with COPC burial record.
  5. Burial at Lanner, residence West Trevarth, Cornwall OPC Burials