Harry Longueville Jones

  1. Frances Weston,
    1. Fanny Mary Charlotte Longueville Jones, b , d
    2. Charlotte Elizabeth Longueville Jones, b , d
    3. Louisa Ellen Longueville Jones, b , d
    4. Mildred Mary Longueville Jones, b , d
Pedigree of Longueville Jones
  1. Admitted to St John’s College, Cambridge, aged 18. Son of late Edward Longueville Jones of Oswestry, Shropshire, and Charlotte Stephens ACAD, JNS823HL. Gives dates of birth, and death
  2. Marriage of Harry Longueville Jones and Frances Weston, second daughter of Robert Plowden Weston of Shropshire, ACAD, JNS823HL. Gives marriage year as .
  3. Marriage of Harry Longueville Jones and Frances Weston at Old Church, St Pancras, London (or St Pancras Parish Chapel, Camden, London) Wikitree, citing St Pancras Parish Chapel register, held at the London Metropolitan Archive, P90/PAN1/068.
  4. Death, Wrexham Advertiser p 4.
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