Edward Shippard Carus-Wilson

aged 78
  1. Ellen Anne Willyams,
    1. Edward Willyams Carus-Wilson, b
    2. Agnes Ellen Carus-Wilson, b , d
    3. Dorothea Mary Carus-Wilson, b
    4. Frances Jane Carus-Wilson, b , d
    5. Margaret Louisa Carus-Wilson, b
    6. Trevor Carus-Wilson, b
Pedigree of Carus-Wilson
  1. Marriage at St Mawgan in Pydar of Edward Shippard Carus-Wilson (various spellings), youngest son of the Revd William Carus Wilson of Casterton Hall, Westmoreland, and Ellen Anne Willyams, eldest daughter of Humphry Willyams of Carnanton, Cornwall Cornwall OPC Marriages, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5, Cornish Telegraph p 3, Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette p 2.
  2. Vivian, JL (ed). The Visitations of Cornwall. p 628. , Exeter, William Pollard & Co. Gives date of marriage.
  3. Death at his residence, Penmount, near Truro, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 4. Gives year of birth, lists children (two sons and four daughters).