Ellen Frances Neynoe

aged 87
  1. Humphry Willyams,
    1. James Neynoe Vivian Willyams, b , d
    2. Ellen Anne Willyams, b
    3. Charlotte Dorothea Willyams, b c 
    4. Humphry John Willyams, b , d
    5. Edward William Brydges Willyams, b , d
    6. Arthur Champion Phillips Willyams, b
Mawgan-in-Pydar, St Mawgan (and St Nicholas)
  1. South Chapel east, , five lights, Events after the Resurrection, leading up to the Ascension.
    2. Christ ascends into heaven with angels; apostles beneath
    1a. Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep” 1b. Thomas reaches out to touch the wound in Christ’s side 1c. Noli me tangere 1d. Cleopas and Peter meet Christ on the road to Emmaus 1e. Supper at Emmaus: Christ is made known in the breaking of the bread
  1. Marriage at the Abbey Church, Bath, of Humphry Willyams, only son of James Willyams of Carnanton, Cornwall, and Ellen Frances Neynoe, daughter of Col William Brydges Neynoe of Castle Neynoe, County Sligo, Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette p 3, Oxford Journal p 3. Exeter Flying Post p 3 (gives date of marriage as Monday ; no such day in : Monday was 14th January).
  2. Burial at Mawgan in Pydar, residence Carnanton. Cornwall OPC Burials.
  3. Death at Bodrean, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4 (includes report of funeral and family details), Illustrated London News p 7, Cornish Telegraph p 5. Death of Ellen Frances Willyams, aged 87, registered in Jan–Mar , Truro district, vol 5c, p 120. GRO FreeBMD.
  4. Vivian, JL (ed). The Visitations of Cornwall. p 628. , Exeter, William Pollard & Co gives date of death as .
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