Thomas Willcocks

aged 47
James Willcocks
Sarah Shaddock
Pedigree of Willcocks
St Stephen-by-Saltash, St Stephen
  1. North aisle 3, , four lights,
    2a. Christ as the light of the world 2b. I am the bread of life (John 6:35) 2c. I am the way; follow me 2d. Christ as the Good Shepherd
    1a. Lamp 1b. Flaming heart 1c. Cross fleury 1d. IHS monogram
  1. Birth of Thomas Willcocks (mother’s maiden name Shaddick), registered in Jul–Sep , Tiverton and Dulverton district, vol 10, p 241. GRO, FreeBMD. GRO gives mother’s maiden name as Shaddick.
  2. census, RG9/1525 (Part 3) Folio 121, p 71. Lists household of James and Sarah Willcocks living at Back Lane, Saltash, gives place of birth of Thomas Willcocks as Bradninch, Devon. Surname spelt Wilcocks.
  3. Death at Prospect Villa, Prospect Place, Plymouth, of Thomas Willcocks, contractor. Funeral at St Stephens by Saltash. Western Morning News p 1. Gives date of death and funeral.