Sarah Shaddock

aged 69
  1. James Willcocks,
    1. Thomas Willcocks, b , d
    2. James John Willcocks, b , d
    3. Sarah Ann Willcocks, b , d
    4. William Robert Willcocks, b , d
    5. Elizabeth Mary Willcocks, b , d
    6. John Roger Willcocks, b , d
St Stephen-by-Saltash, St Stephen
  1. North aisle 3, , four lights,
    2a. Christ as the light of the world 2b. I am the bread of life (John 6:35) 2c. I am the way; follow me 2d. Christ as the Good Shepherd
    1a. Lamp 1b. Flaming heart 1c. Cross fleury 1d. IHS monogram
  1. Marriage of James Willcocks and Sarah Shaddock (civil marriage), registered in Tiverton district in the third quarter of , FreeBMD (James Willcocks, surname given as Wilcocks), FreeBMD (Sarah Shaddock).
  2. census, RG10/2232 (Part 2) Folio 50, p 26. Lists household of James and Sarah Willcocks living at 16 Culver Road, Saltash, with their four children James, Sarah, Elizabeth and John.
  3. Death at Alto Vesta Villa, Saltash, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 5, Death of Sarah Willcocks, aged 69, registered in Oct–Dec , St Germans district, vol 5c, p 36. GRO FreeBMD.
  4. Grave of Sarah Willcocks at St Stephen’s, Saltash. Find a Grave Memorial, 261036107 (listed under husband’s name).