Maria Beatrice Stephens

Richard Stephens
Maria Phillpotts
Trevalga, St Petroc
  1. Chancel east, , three lights,
    2a. Adoration of the Magi 2b. Crucifixion 2c. Christ ascends into heaven; apostles beneath
    1a. Annunciation to the Virgin Mary 1b. Christ is laid down–descent from the cross 1c. Noli me tangere
  1. Birth at Culver House, Exeter, to the Revd Sub-Dean Stephens and his wife, twins (one son, one daughter) Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 5, Birth of Maria Beatrice Stephens (mother’s maiden name Phillpotts), registered in Jan–Mar , St Thomas Union district, vol 10, p 239. GRO FreeBMD.
  2. Baptism of daughter of the Revd Richard and Maria Stephens of Culver House, Holcombe Burnell, Register of Baptisms in the parish of Dunsford in the county of Devon, , p 20, No 959.