Ann Champion

  1. James Willyams,
    1. Elizabeth Bridgeman Willyams, d
    2. James Brydges Willyams, b , d
    3. Ann Willyams, b c 
    4. John Willyams, b c , d c 
    5. Charlotte Champion Willyams, b c 
    6. John Champion Willyams, b c , d
    7. Jane Louisa Willyams, b c 
    8. Humphry Willyams, b c 
    9. Sarah Willyams, b c , d
    10. Humphry Willyams, b c , d
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. SMs4. St Mary’s aisle 3, , two lights,
    a. Mary Magdalene anoints Christ’s head
    b. Visiting the sick
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