Frances Jane Carus-Wilson

aged 72
Edward Shippard Carus-Wilson
Ellen Anne Willyams
  1. Thomas Bedford Bolitho,
    1. Mary Frances Bolitho, b
Pedigree of Carus-Wilson
Sancreed, St Sancredus
  1. Chancel east, , five lights,
    1. Shepherd above daffodil farmer above St Euny finding his lost belt on a fox, with Celtic cross at Marooney (also spelt Mertharuny or Mertheruny)
    2. Miraculous draught of fishes above Adoration of the shepherds and Magi
    3. Sower above miner above St Euny restoring sight of lame child
  1. Birth at Mount Charles, Truro, of a daughter of Edward S Carus-Wilson, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5. Birth of Frances Jane Carus Wilson (mother’s maiden name Willyams), registered in Jan–Mar , Truro district, vol 5c, p 210. GRO, FreeBMD. FreeBMD gives surname as Wilson. GRO gives surname as Carus Wilson (not hyphenated).
  2. Marriage in Truro Cathedral of Thomas Bedford Bolitho of Trewidden, Madron, and Frances Jane Carus-Wilson, third daughter of Edward Shippard Carus-Wilson, JP for Cornwall, Cornwall OPC Marriages, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (notice), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6 (report), Cornishman p 6.
  3. Burial at Gulval, residence Trewidden, Buryas Bridge, Madron, Cornwall OPC Burials, Cornishman p 5 (funeral at Gulval; lists those present).
  4. Death, residence Trewidden, Cornishman p 4 (notice).