Ethel Grace Macleod

aged 81
  1. William Edward Thomas Bolitho,
    1. Brenda Grace Bolitho, b c 
    2. William Torquill Macleod Bolitho, b c , d
    3. Simon Bruce Tormod Bolitho, b c , d
Leusdon, St John the Baptist
  1. n3. Nave north 1, , two lights, Tyltyl and Mytyl (from L’oiseau bleu by Maurice Maeterlinck) (FA)
  2. s3. Nave south 1, , two lights,
    3. Lt Bolitho, as Sir Galahad, kneels before a vision of the Holy Grail
    2b. Ship at sea 2e. Crest of Bolitho
    1a. The archangel Michael 1b. Lakenhalle, Ypres 1c. St Andrew 1d. St George 1e. Arms of Bolitho 1f. St Nicholas of Myra
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  2. Marriage at Inverness Cathedral of William Edward Thomas Bolitho and Ethel Macleod, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 7.
  3. Death of Ethel Grace Bolitho, Western Morning News p 1 (gives date of funeral at Gulval), Cornishman p 7.