Richard Foster Bolitho

aged 83
William Bolitho
Philippa Foster
  1. Amelia Sage Ley,
    1. William Bolitho, b , d
    2. Sage Ley Bolitho, b
    3. Richard Foster Bolitho, b c 
Arms of Bolitho of Trengwainton, Penzance
Arms of Bolitho of Trengwainton, Penzance
Ermine, on a plain chevron between two chevronels engrailed and three fleurs-de-lys sable, five bezants.
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  1. Ermine spot from Glesker.
  2. Fleur-de-lys from Frater5.
Pedigree of Bolitho
Gulval, St Gulval
  1. Chancel east, , two lights,
    a. Healing of a woman with an issue of blood; she kneels before Christ after having touched his robe (Faith)
    b. The parable of the Good Samaritan: the Samaritan tends the wounds of the traveller (Charity)
Gulval, St Gulval
  1. Chancel east, , five lights,
    2a. St Matthew 2b. St Mark 2c. Christ as Salvator Mundi 2d. St Luke 2e. St John the Evangelist
    1a. William Bolitho, snr. Arms of Bolitho 1b. Philippa Bolitho, née Foster. Arms of Bolitho impaling Foster 1c. Richard Foster Bolitho. Arms of Bolitho 1d. Amelia Sage Bolitho, née Ley. Arms of Bolitho impaling ? 1e. William Bolitho, jnr. Arms of Bolitho
  1. Baptism at Gulval, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Mother’s forename given as Phillis in one transcript, Phillippa in another.
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