Maria Harris

aged 72
  1. Thomas Bolitho,
    1. Mary Bolitho, b c , d
    2. Edward Bolitho, b c , d
    3. Elizabeth Trevylyan Bolitho, b c 
    4. Thomas Simon Bolitho, b , d
    5. Maria Harris Bolitho, b c 
    6. Frances Bolitho, b c , d
    7. William Bolitho, b , d
    8. Emily Borlase Bolitho, b c 
    9. Catherine Anne Bolitho, b c 
Gulval, St Gulval
  1. South Chapel east, , two lights,
    2a. Christ ascends into heaven; apostles beneath 2b. Resurrection: frightened soldiers
    1a. Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side of the cross 1b. The Last Supper
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