George Vawdrey

aged 67
George Vawdrey
Eleanora Leah
  1. Anne Whitting,
    1. George Vawdrey, b , d
Pedigree of Vawdrey
Hayle, St Elwyn
  1. Nave north (upper) 4, , single light, Baptism of Christ in the river Jordan with three angels above
  2. Nave north (upper) 3, , single light, Presentation in the temple with four angels above
  3. Nave north (upper) 2, , single light, Adoration of the Magi with three angels above
  1. Baptism at Phillack, Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Marriage at Uphill Church of George Vawdrey, LRCP, only son of George Vawdrey of Hayle, Cornwall, and Annie Whitting, eldest daughter of Charles Whitting of Sandcroft, Uphill, Weston-Super-Mare Gazette and General Advertiser p 3 (description of wedding service and lists those present), Morning Post p 8, Daily News (London) p 1, Salisbury and Winchester Journal p 8
  3. Burial at Phillack, lived at 28 Ford Park Road, Plymouth. Cornwall OPC Burials.
  4. Death, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 4 (funeral; lists those present and family), Cornishman p 8 (obituary), Cornishman p 3 (funeral; lists those present and family)