Helen Halkett Gummoe

  1. Thomas Glascott Vawdrey,
    1. William Vawdrey, b , d
    2. William Vawdrey, b c , d
    3. Sarah Vawdrey, b c 
    4. Elizabeth Vawdrey, b c 
    5. Emily Vawdrey, b c 
    6. Mary Leah Vawdrey, b c , d
    7. Theophilus Glascott Vawdrey, b c 
    8. Mary Leah Vawdrey, b c 
  1. Baptism at Cuby with Tregony, Father Lt John Gummoe, RN, mother Sarah Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Gives date of birth.
  2. Marriage at St Austell of Thomas Glascott Vawdrey, surgeon, fifth son of the late Revd W Vawdrey of Gwinear and Helen Halkett Gummoe, youngest daughter of the late Lt John Gummoe, RN, of Tregony, Service conducted by the Revd AA Vawdrey, elder brother of the groom, perpetual curate of St Day, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3 (no explicit date: on Tuesday which implies ) Falmouth Express and Colonial Journal p 4 (gives date as ), Penzance Gazette p 4 (gives date as ), Cornwall OPC Marriages (gives groom’s middle name as Glasscott, surname as Vaudrey).