Anne Mary Cossham

aged 73
  1. Alexander Allen Vawdrey
    1. Mary Churchill Vawdrey, b c , d
    2. John Cossham Vawdrey, b c 
    3. Anne Stephens Vawdrey, b c , d
    4. William Vawdrey, b c 
    5. Alexander Allen Vawdrey, b c , d
    6. Cradock Glascott Vawdrey, b c 
    7. Agnes Elizabeth Vawdrey, b c 
    8. Edward Collins Vawdrey, b
  1. Burial at St Agnes, Cornwall OPC Burials.
  2. Death at Clinton House, Flushing, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 8, Cornish Echo and Falmouth & Penryn Times p 4.
  3. Venn entry VWDY827AA for Alexander Allen Vawdrey states he married Anne Mary Cossham, of Bristol. No date given.