Alexander Allen Vawdrey

aged 67
William Vawdrey
Elizabeth Glascott
  1. Anne Mary Cossham
    1. Mary Churchill Vawdrey, b c , d
    2. John Cossham Vawdrey, b c 
    3. Anne Stephens Vawdrey, b c , d
    4. William Vawdrey, b c 
    5. Alexander Allen Vawdrey, b c , d
    6. Cradock Glascott Vawdrey, b c 
    7. Agnes Elizabeth Vawdrey, b c 
    8. Edward Collins Vawdrey, b
Pedigree of Vawdrey
  1. Private baptism at St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, , public baptism at Gwinear, . Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Admitted to St John’s College, Cambridge, ACAD, VWDY827AA.
  3. Ordained priest at Wells, , Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette p 3.
  4. Death, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (announcement), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (notice), Cornish Echo and Falmouth & Penryn Times p 4, Western Morning News p 4 (appreciation; gives date of birth)
  5. Burial at St Agnes, Cornwall OPC Burials.
  6. Venn entry VWDY827AA for Alexander Allen Vawdrey states he married Anne Mary Cossham, of Bristol. No date given.