Elizabeth Glascott

aged 91
  1. William Vawdrey,
    1. George Vawdrey, b c , d
    2. Alexander Allen Vawdrey, b , d
    3. William Vawdrey, b c , d
    4. Mary Gwenlyan Vawdrey, b c , d c 
    5. John Glascott Vawdrey, b c 
    6. Thomas Glascott Vawdrey, b c 
  1. Burial at Gwinear, Cornwall OPC Burials.
  2. Death at Gwinear of the widow of the Revd William Vawdrey Sun (London) p 4, Morning Post p 8, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 7 Death of Elizabeth Vawdrey, aged 91, registered in Oct–Dec , Redruth district, vol 5c, p 221. GRO, FreeBMD.
  3. Venn entry VWDY827AA for her son Alexander Allen Vawdrey states that she was the daughter of the Revd John Charles Glascott).
  4. Stirnet citing Burke’s Landed Gentry (Vawdrey of Crill House) gives date of marriage as .
  5. Findmypast records Elizabeth Glascott married in Bristol, , and William Vawdrey married in Bristol, .