Elizabeth Leveson-Gower

aged 39
  1. John Tillie Coryton,
    1. Frances Coryton, b , d
    2. Jemima Coryton, b , d
    3. William Coryton, b
    4. Augustus Coryton, b
    5. Henry Coryton, b , d
    6. Mary Ann Coryton, b c , d
    7. George Coryton, b c 
    8. Granville Coryton, b c , d
    9. George Edward Coryton, b , d
    10. Charlotte Coryton, b , d
    11. Frederick Coryton, b , d
    12. Elizabeth Coryton, b , d
  1. Marriage at St James’, Westminster, of John Tillie Coryton of Crocadon, Cornwall, and Elizabeth Leveson Gower, youngest daughter of the late Adml the Hon John Leveson Gower and granddaughter of the late Adml Boscawen. Oracle and the Daily Advertiser p 3.
  2. Death at Pentille Castle in childbirth, Exeter Flying Post p 4 (gives date), Sun (London) p 4, London Packet and New Lloyd’s Evening Post p 1 Morning Post p 4 No date given by last three. Durham Chronicle p 4 states that Elizabeth Coryton died on , a few days after being delivered of twins.
  3. Burial at St Mellion, Cornwall OPC Burials.
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