William Daubuz

aged 49
Lewis Charles Daubuz
Wilmot Arundell
  1. Helen Mary Charlotte Soulsby,
    1. Ann Evelyn Daubuz, b , d
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. SMs5. St Mary’s aisle 4, , two lights,
    a. The raising of Lazarus
    b. The Parable of the Good Samaritan
  2. SMs6. St Mary’s aisle 5, , two lights,
    a. Suffer little children
    b. Christ raises Jairus’ daughter
  3. SMs7. St Mary’s aisle 6, , two lights,
    a. The Parable of the praying Pharisee and the repentant publican
    b. Entry into Jerusalem
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  3. Twin with Frances Daubuz?
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