John Pierson Foote

aged 42
Ambrose Cox Foote
Elizabeth Holles
  1. Mary Thorne,
    1. Elizabeth Foote, b c , d
    2. Mary Foote, b
    3. John Holles Rolle Foote, b , d
    4. Philip Locke Foote, b , d
    5. Pierson Foote, b , d
    6. Ambrose Foote, b , d
    7. Celia Foote, b , d c 
    8. Charles Henry Nelson Foote, b , d
    9. Cornelius Foote, b c , d
  1. Baptism at Calstock Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Middle name given as Peirson.
  2. Will of John Pierson Foote.
  3. Death of John Pierson Foote of Harewood, Tavistock, Exeter Flying Post p 4, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3. Both give middle name as Pearson.
  4. Burial at Calstock, Cornwall OPC Burials. Gives middle name as Pearson.
  5. Date of death and age at death from J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol I p 175. William Lake, Truro, . Gives date of death as same day as burial from Cornwall OPC; not consistent with newspaper reports. Gives middle name as Pearson.
  6. Marriage (at Tavistock) information from Findmypast.