Norman Thrupp Nightingale

aged 70
  1. Dorothy Denison,
    1. Barbara Nightingale, b
  1. Birth of Norman Thrupp Nightingale (mother’s maiden name Thrupp), registered in Oct–Dec , Kingston district, vol 2a, p 334. GRO, FreeBMD.
  2. Marriage at Holy Trinity, Tooting, Norman Thrupp Nightingale, youngest son of the late James Thrupp Nightingale, JP, of Kingston-on-Thames and Dorothy Denison, second daughter of the Revd and Mrs Denison of Wandsworth Common. Service conducted by the father of the bride. Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette p 1, Croydon Express p 5.
  3. Death, New Milton Advertiser p 8 (notice), New Milton Advertiser p 2 (funeral; contains short family history. Left widow and daughter). Death of Norman Thrupp Nightingale, aged 70, registered in Jan–Mar , New Forest district, vol 6b, p 446. GRO, FreeBMD.