Anna Maria Carlyon

aged 45
Edward Carlyon
Anna Maria Spry
  1. Edward Coode,
    1. Anna Maria Coode, b , d
    2. Edward Coode, b , d
    3. Caroline Mary Coode, b , d
    4. Richard Carlyon Coode, b
    5. Athelstan Coode, b
    6. Harold Coode, b
    7. Hugh Dalston Coode, b
    8. Winifred Alice Coode, b
    9. Mabel Coode, b , d
    10. Gwendoline Coode, b c 
    11. Percival Coode, b c 
Pedigree of Carlyon of Tregrehan, Cornwall
Werrington, St Martin of Tours
  1. Nave south 1, , two lights,
    2a. Blessed Virgin Mary 2b. St Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    1a. Arms of Coode 1b. Arms of Coode impaling Carlyon
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