Septimus Buller Phillpotts

aged 87
William John Phillpotts
Louisa Buller
Arms of Phillpotts
Arms of Phillpotts
Gules, a cross argent between four swords erect of the last, pommels and hilts or.
Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 800. , London, Harrison & Sons.
Sword from Yorick.
Pedigree of Phillpotts
  1. Birth at Hallow Vicarage of twin sons, the other being Sextus Howard Phillpotts, Worcestershire Chronicle p 3.
  2. Birth of Septimus Buller Phillpotts (mother’s maiden name Buller), registered in Jan–Mar , Martley district, vol 18, p 481. GRO, FreeBMD. GRO gives page as 481, FreeBMD gives page as 431
  3. Admitted to King’s College, Cambridge, . ACAD, PHLS861SB.
  4. Death, Western Morning News p 2 (obituary), Bedfordshire Times and Independent p 16 Death of Septimus Buller Phillpotts, aged 87, registered in Jan–Mar , Bedford district, vol 3b, p 446. GRO FreeBMD.
  5. Funeral of the Revd Septimus Phillpotts, former Chaplain, Bedford Bedfordshire Times and Independent p 10 (list of family members).
  6. Will of the Revd Septimus Phillpotts, former Chaplain, Bedford Saffron Walden Weekly News p 4 (gives date of death).