William John Phillpotts

aged 81
Henry Phillpotts
Deborah Maria Surtees
  1. Louisa Buller,
    1. Henry John Phillpotts, b , d
    2. Louisa Phillpotts, b , d
    3. Henrietta Caroline Phillpotts, b , d
    4. William Francis Phillpotts, b , d
    5. James Surtees Phillpotts, b , d
    6. Sextus Howard Phillpotts, b , d
    7. Septimus Buller Phillpotts, b , d
    8. Georgiana Maria Phillpotts, b , d
    9. Catherine Nona Phillpotts, b , d
    10. Sibylla Decima Phillpotts, b , d
Arms of Phillpotts
Arms of Phillpotts
Gules, a cross argent between four swords erect of the last, pommels and hilts or.
Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 800. , London, Harrison & Sons.
Sword from Yorick.
Pedigree of Phillpotts
Budock, St Budock
  1. North aisle west, , three lights, Inscriptions on geometric patterns : “Lift up your hearts : We lift them up unto the Lord : Holy Father Almighty, Everlasting God”. (D)
St Gluvias, St Gluviacus
  1. Chancel south, , two lights, Christ walks on water: It is I; be not afraid (N)
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  2. Matriculated at Oriel College, Oxford, , Alumni Oxonienses, Vol III, p 1111, .
  3. Marriage at Crediton by the Bishop of Exeter (Henry Phillpotts, father of the groom) the Revd William John Phillpotts, vicar of Grimley cum Hallow, Worcestershire, and Louisa Buller, seventh daughter of James Buller of Downes, Morning Post p 4, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 2, Worcester Journal p 3, North Devon Journal p 3
  4. Collated to the Archdeaconry of Cornwall, reported to be given united livings of Gluvias and Budock West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 2.
  5. census, HO107/1911 (Part 8), reports three children of WJ Phillpotts at the Vicarage, St Gluvias:
    1. Georgeana, 6
    2. Catherine, 4
    3. Isabella [probably Sibylla], 1
  6. census, RG9/1567 (Part 3) Folio 119, p 17, reports six children of WJ Phillpotts at the Vicarage, St Gluvias:
    1. Henrietta C, 24
    2. James S, 21
    3. Septimus B, 19
    4. Georgiana M, 16
    5. Catherine N, 14
    6. Sibella D, 11
    Surname given as Phillpott.
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