Richard Stephens

aged 50
  1. Maria Phillpotts,
    1. Richard Harry Stephens, b c 
    2. Elizabeth Benedetta Stephens, b c , d
    3. Caroline Maria Stephens, b
    4. Emily Henrietta Stephens, b , d
    5. Catherine Georgina Stephens, b
    6. Edith Jane Stephens, b
    7. Richard Bolitho Stephens, b , d
    8. Maria Beatrice Stephens, b
Trevalga, St Petroc
  1. Chancel east, , three lights,
    2a. Adoration of the Magi 2b. Crucifixion 2c. Christ ascends into heaven; apostles beneath
    1a. Annunciation to the Virgin Mary 1b. Christ is laid down–descent from the cross 1c. Noli me tangere
  1. Marriage on at All Souls Church, London, of the Revd Richard Stephens, of Culver House, Devon, to Maria, second daughter of the Rt Revd Dr Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. Western Times p 3.
  2. Death of the Revd Richard Stephens, vicar of Dunsford and sub-dean of Exeter aged 50. Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser p 10 (gives date of death as ), Exeter Flying Post p 4 (gives date of death as ).
  3. Records of Culver House and Stephens family. Devon Heritage Centre Reference number 6703Z.