Thomas Coulson Leah

aged 46
Henry Leah
Clara Fielding
Pedigree of Leah of Paul
Paul, St Paulinus (St Pol de Léon)
  1. North aisle 4, , three lights,
    2a. St Petroc 2b. St Pol de Léon 2c. St Nicholas of Myra
    1a. Fish—symbol of St Petroc 1b. Paulinus baptising child 1c. Three bags of money—symbol of St Nicholas
  1. Birth of Thomas Coulson Leah (mother’s maiden name Fielding), registered in Jul–Sep , Alverstoke district, vol 2b, p 543. GRO, FreeBMD (middle name given as Coulsen).
  2. Birth of a son to Lt Henry Leah, RN, HMS Northampton, and his wife, at Tower Cottage, Gosport, Hampshire Chronicle p 5, Shipping and Mercantile Gazette p 8, Cornish Telegraph p 4.
  3. Death by suicide, Daily Mirror p 2, Western Daily Press p 7, West Sussex Gazette p 5, South Devon Weekly Express p 3. Death of Thomas Coulson Leah, aged 46, registered in Oct–Dec , Alverstoke district, vol 2b, p 700. GRO, FreeBMD.