Richard Foster

aged 60
William Foster
Elizabeth Rich
  1. Caroline Robins,
    1. Richard Foster, b c , d
    2. William Thomas Foster, b c 
    3. Thomas Robins Foster, b c 
    4. John Foster, b c , d
    5. Edward Rich Foster, b c , d
    6. Lewis Charles Foster, b c 
    7. Caroline Elizabeth Foster, b c 
    8. Dorothy Dunnett Foster, b c 
    9. Mary Uzella Foster, b c 
    10. Henry Durett Foster, b , d
    11. Gertrude Foster, b c , d
    12. Helen Gertrude Foster, b c , d
    13. Gerald John Foster, b c 
Pedigree of Foster of Lanwithan
St Winnow, St Winnow
  1. Lady Chapel east, 16th century, four lights,
    4a. St George slays the dragon 4b. Virgin Mary and infant Jesus 4c. St Christopher, carrying the infant Christ, wades through water 4d. The Archangel Michael
    3a. Donor 3b. Donor 3c. Donor 3d. Bishop
    2a. St Winwaloe 2b. Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary 2c. St Mary Magdalene 2d. St Leonard
    1a. Arms of Foster 1b. Donor 1c. Donor 1d. Arms of Rich
Lanlivery, St Bryvyth (Brevita)
  1. Chancel north 2, , three lights, Matthew, Mark : Christ as alpha and omega : Luke, John. Agnus Dei below.
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