Thomas Simon Bolitho

aged 79
Thomas Bolitho
Maria Harris
  1. Elizabeth Robins,
    1. Elizabeth Robins Bolitho, b , d
    2. Thomas Robins Bolitho, b , d
    3. Edward Alverne Bolitho, b , d
    4. Otho Glynn Bolitho, b
    5. John Borlase Bolitho, b , d
    6. Mary Bolitho, b
    7. Maria Caroline Bolitho, b
    8. Emily Octavia Bolitho, b
Arms of Bolitho of Trengwainton, Penzance
Arms of Bolitho of Trengwainton, Penzance
Ermine, on a plain chevron between two chevronels engrailed and three fleurs-de-lys sable, five bezants.
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  1. Ermine spot from Glesker.
  2. Fleur-de-lys from Frater5.
Pedigree of Bolitho
Gulval, St Gulval
  1. South aisle 3, , single light, Christ and the woman of Samaria: sitting at Jacob’s well he asks her for a drink from her jug
Gulval, St Gulval
  1. North aisle west, , four lights,
    a. Moses
    b. Joshua
    c. David playing harp
    d. Solomon
Madron, St Madern
  1. South aisle 1, , three lights, Six corporal acts of mercy.
    3a. I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat 3b, 2b. Christ as the Good Shepherd 3c. I was a stranger, and ye took me in
    2a. I was sick, and ye visited me 2c. I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink
    1a. Naked, and ye clothed me 1b. I have taught thee in the way of wisdom 1c. I was in prison, and ye came unto me
St Nectan, St Nectan
  1. South aisle east, , three lights, Nunc dimittis
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. s3. South quire aisle south 1, , single light,
    2 upper. St Peter
    2 lower. St James the Great, St Mark
    1. Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep”
  2. s4. South quire aisle south 2, , single light,
    2 upper. St James the Less
    2 lower. St Matthew, St Thomas
    1. Convention in Jerusalem
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