Robert Hichens

aged 82
William Hichens
Margaret Jope
  1. Jane Snaith,
    1. Jane Hichens, b c , d
    2. William Hichens, b c , d
    3. Margaret Jope Hichens, b , d
    4. Robert Snaith Hichens, b c , d
    5. Thomas Sikes Hichens, b c , d
    6. Frederick Harrison Hichens, b c , d
Arms of Hichens
Arms of Hichens
Argent a cross patonce quarterly gules and azure, between four lions’ heads erased sable, langued of the second.
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Lion’s head erased from Elisabeth stilton.
Pedigree of Hichens
St Ives, St Ia the Virgin
  1. Lady Chapel east, , Plain diapered quarries.
  2. South aisle east, , three lights,
    a. Winged bull—symbol of St Luke
    b. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock
    c. Eagle—symbol of St John the Evangelist
    All three lights set in decorated (flower) grisaille
  3. North aisle east, , three lights,
    a. Angel—symbol of St Matthew
    b. Christ walks on water: It is I; be not afraid (Matthew 14:27, John 6:20)
    c. Winged lion—symbol of St Mark
  4. Lady Chapel south 1, , three lights,
    a. Dove of the Holy Spirit above baptismal font
    b. The conversion of Saul
    c. Communion chalice and host
    All three lights set in decorated diaper patterns
  5. Tower west, , three lights, Peter raises Dorcas from the dead:
    4. Offertory Sentences on looking after the poor and sick from the service of Holy Communion
    3a. Tabitha (Dorcas) gives clothes to the poor 3b. Tabitha (Dorcas) on her deathbed 3c. Two messengers ask Peter to come to Joppa
    2a. Peter sends away the weeping women 2b. Tabitha (Dorcas) is raised from the dead by Peter’s prayer 2c. Peter presents Tabitha (Dorcas) alive
    1. Offertory Sentences on looking after the poor and sick from the service of Holy Communion
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