Cecilia Yonge

aged 94
Walter Yonge
Cecilia Hichens
  1. William Hinton Drake,
    1. Cecil Drake, b c 
    2. Sarah Cecilia Drake, b c 
    3. Mary Drake, b c 
    4. Walter Yonge Drake, b c 
    5. Frances Elizabeth Drake, b c 
    6. Margaret Hichens Drake, b c 
    7. Loveday Eleanor Drake, b c 
    8. William Maurice Drake, b c 
    9. Edith Drake, b c 
    10. Enid Agatha Drake, b c 
    11. Algernon Francis Drake, b c 
Pedigree of Yonge of Colebrooke
St Ives, St Ia the Virgin
  1. South aisle 2, , three lights, The three Theological Virtues:
    a. Faith
    b. Charity
    c. Hope
  1. Baptism, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. One transcript gives surname as Yonge, another gives it as Youge / Yonge.
  2. Marriage of the Revd William Hinton Drake, perpetual curate of Halsetown, and Cecilia Yonge at St Ives Cornwall OPC Marriages Bride’s first name spelt inconsistently. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 5, Cambridge Chronicle and Journal p 2, Sherborne Mercury p 4.
  3. Death, Western Times p 9 (contains some family history).